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Scion Paint Color Code Location

Paint Touch Up Guide

Usually Found

Driver's side door jamb

Other places to find

Inside engine bay area by front of strut tower

Firewall (middle)

Strut tower (passenger's side)

Front of driver's side door

Under driver's seat

Paint Color Code Looks Like:

They are usually shown as three digit code on the vehicle, such as 202 or 1F7. The code is usually marked clearly on the vehicle, although it can be a little tricky to read. You may see something like C/TR:0209/FB10. In this particular instance the code is 209 and is the only code that matters. The FB10 means nothing in regard to the color of the vehicle.

Label Samples

*Three Digit Code.

color tag

Paint Color Code "4Q2".

The paint color code is 4Q2

Paint Color Code Location Guide By Make

Please select your make below to display information in locating and decoding your paint color code.