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Pontiac Touch Up Paint

Pontiac Paint Color Code Location

Paint Touch Up Guide

Usually Found

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Glove Box or Rear Compartment (Spare Tire Cover / Wheel Well or inside Deck Lid)

Other places to find

Driver's side door jamb

Under driver's seat

Wheel house

Passenger's door rear face

Passenger's side sun visor

left rear access door & left rear compartment inside door


There are so many other places for the paint color code to be located for GM cars, so if you do not see the code on those places mentioned above, we recommend that you check your Owner's manual for your vehicle for the location of paint color code. The Owner's manual does not tell you what the paint color code is, but it tells you where it's located on your vehicle. If you do not have the Owner's manual or the paint color code is illegible, contact the dealer with the VIN number on your vehicle, and they should be able to provide you with the information

Paint Color Code Looks Like:

Usually a three or four digits and start with a WA, such as WA316N or without WA such as 316N. If the vehicle is two-tone there will be an "L" (for lower) or a "U" (for upper) before the numbers. Example: WA U-800J or WA L-8555. GM usually lists two codes on every vehicle. There is usually a two digit code, such as 26.

GM Brand also markets other brand cars under their own name. Toyota, Suzuki, and Isuzu are all examples. If your vehicle is one of these, then the code will be found under the actual manufactures color list, not GM's. If you do not know what manufacture produced your vehicle, contact us so we can help determine the color.

Label Samples

*Four Digit Code.

color tag

Paint Color Code "U636R (WA636R).

The paint color code is U636R for upper
The paint color code is WA636R

Paint Color Code Location Guide By Make

Please select your make below to display information in locating and decoding your paint color code.