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1/2 oz. Touch Up Pen Clearcoat

Containing the same high-quality clearcoat as is used by other ExpressPaint applications, the Touch-Up Pen dispenses urethane clearcoat from a wonderfully convenient pen-sized applicator. You can handle the clearcoat necessary for easy scratch, repaint and ding-repair jobs with the Touch-Up Pen container, and its half-ounce volume means there's enough for more than one job. Better yet, this clearcoat works with all other ExpressPaint paints and clears. You can apply it knowing compatibility won't be a problem when time comes to polish things back to new (and you can keep the pen on the shelf for years without it drying up). Important-Be sure to avoid mixing different brands of paint as untoward chemical reactions may result. ExpressPaint only tests and will only guarantee its products when used with other ExpressPaint products.

1/2 oz. Touch Up Pen Primer


Touch Up Kit  for 1/2 oz. Touch up Pen

After you use our easy 1-2-3 steps to order your color, this touch up kit contains everything you need to complete the job. You will achieve optimal results by using these items and following our directions that are included. Please obtain the color code from your vehicle and find the correct color of your vehicle on our website. *This kit does not include color application.



3M combo Sand Paper


Masking Tape


Crystal Premium Tack Cloth

Tack cloths remove dust, dirt, and other airborne contaminants that can lead to blemishes in your paintjob. We highly recommend using a tack cloth before painting and also in between coats.