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High-Solids Urethane Clearcoat (Pints, Quarts)

High-Solids Urethane Clearcoat (Pints, Quarts)
High-Solids Urethane Clearcoat (Pints, Quarts)
Color code: CR-410
High-solids clearcoat is an evolution of the urethane formulation used in other catalyzed ExpressPaint clearcoats, and its extra-durable makeup provides a long-lived luster that normal clears can't match. It's all about the CR-410's heavier, more durable urethane component that sets up stronger and harder than the standard fare. This clear's capacity for UV-protection is also improved, and it's nearly impervious to corrosive substances like gasoline and acid rain. Product testing by ExpressPaint has determined that with just two wet coats of the High-Solids Urethane Clearcoat, the cured finish will match any OEM paint standard and likely outshine their outright luster. Important - Be sure to avoid mixing different brands of paint as untoward chemical reactions may result. ExpressPaint only tests and will only guarantee its products when used with other ExpressPaint products. More details...
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This clear is very hard, creating a durabilty that is second to none. With just two wet coats, you will achieve a finish that meets or exceeds any O.E.M. standards. Available in pint and quart.

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